Stafford College Art Exhibition 2018

Some of my highlights fom this Exhibition


Is this Normal?

Fanta – American flavours. Natural flavours but not colours!!



Favourite tearooms

Love this cafe in Dochester. Great food and very vintage

Reloved – cafe and bar


Rhubarb gin

First attempt at Rhubarb gin..

Add sugar to rhubarb wait 24 hours to draw out the moisture

Add gin

And wait 4 weeks

Might try rhubard syrup and jusy add to the gin.

Baby blanket

Zig zag blanket in a different colour palette than I would usually 9choose. Pleased with how it looks.

Next CAL?

Love this pattern, just need to decide on the colours. Check out the link

Lion brand – Mandala

One infinity scarf to make

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