Strawberry Jam

First jam of the season. ¬†Strawberry Jam using Jam sugar to ensure enough pectin. For the next batch I’ll use Blackcurrants rather than Jam Sugar for the pectin.


7 and a half Jars……. yum


Stafford College Art Exhibition 2018

Some of my highlights fom this Exhibition

Macrame Project 2 – in progress

Next I thought a little wall hanging…..

Quite straight forward once I had done the first line of knots. Will update once finished.

Macrame – Project 1

So happy with my first attempt at proper macrame……ok, so I started it about 4 times trying to get it right, but it was definitely worth it. Even bought a new pot and plant to go in it.


Elderflower Cordial

The elder is very late coming into flower this year. Fortunately it was a sunny day when I picked these. 24hours and a lovely tasting cordial.

I used this recipe, although I have tried several all with a similar result

Is this Normal?

Fanta – American flavours. Natural flavours but not colours!!



Favourite tearooms

Love this cafe in Dochester. Great food and very vintage

Reloved – cafe and bar


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